JYL Series electric actuators


Product Description

I, Product overview
JYL series electric actuators are new generation products we develop after importing foreign latest technology.90 % of its components are imported with original packaging.So they have adequate assurance of stability of performance JYL series electric actuators have high in telligence, high guarding ability, compactness, high degree of integration, long performance life, stable performance and other merits . It allows operation on site.lt also allows remote control .It suits ball valve, butterfly valve, throttle valve separating wall and other equipment that rotate by 90 degrees.lt can satisfy various requirements of in dustrial automation piping control .It has widespread use in many industries.Including : mtallurgy, petroleum, chemical engineering, generating station, printing and dyeing, water treatment, shipbuilding, paper-making, food processing, pharmacy and building automation system etc.

II, Product features
1, Strong features: intelligent regulation type, proportion type, switch type, various signal out put type, everything that you expect to find;
2, Small and light: Its volume and weight are merely equal to about 35 % of traditional products;3f Elegant appearance: aluminum alloy cast shelL refined and fluent, reducing electro-magne tic interference;
3, Reliable performance: key components like shaft bearings and electrical elements are impor ted famous-brand products;
4, High protection standard: IP 68 high standard protection level (detected by Shanghai instru mentation and autonomous system inspection and test institute);
5, Precise and wear resistant: The worm wheel output shaft adopts integrated forging from spe cial copper base alloy, and has high strength and good wearability;
6, Extremely small return difference: its integrated structure avoids the gap of key-joints, and has high driving accuracy;
7, Safety guarantee: it has passed 1500 V voltage endurance detection, it has class F insulation electromotor, and it has CE accreditation, so it has higher safety guarantee;
8, Simple to mate: it adopts single phase power supply and simple connection loop, and we can also make it 380 V or DC.
9, Convenient to use: no need to oil and no need to make spot-check, and it is waterproof and rust-proof, and can install at any angle;
10: Multi-speed: its whole range time is 9 Seconds, 13 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 50 Seconds, 100 Seconds, and 150 Seconds (already set when leaving factory);
11: Intelligent digital control: the intelligent control module is integrated in the electric actuator, so it need not connect an external localizer; digital setting, digital calibration, high precision, self-diagnosis, and multiple - feature in one device.